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Zola meets Lexi ADDED PIC

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Yup, its happening tomorrow. Iona is bring Lexi thru to meet zola for the day. Neither of them have meet chi's there own size before, there just a few weeks apart in age. Only thing isa Zola is one horny boy. He's only 4 months old tho so any advice??? Will we just have to watch them like hawks?

Oh and of course we'll be taking lots of pics.

ok, they meet and they loved eachother and had the best time ever. I will post more pix when I get them downloaded to the comp but here is one for now :)

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Can't wait, I don't know if I'll be able to sleep! Hehe!
I can't wait to see Zola again, he was a LOT different when I saw him last. He's grown into such a lovely looking boy though.

Anyone got any advice on first time meets with other Chi's?!!
Come on people! Help us make this the best introduction possible! :D
I hope they don't like each other "too" much :oops:

Why did my camera have to break?!! Vicky I really hope you can get a camera :lol:
awwww yay chi meet ups are brill i know jacob loves it when he sees all his other chi friends at shows hope they get on well awww cant wait to see pics
I don't think there's anything you can do to prepare them. Either they'll like each other or they won't. But if they don't warm up to each other immediately, don't give up. They might just need a bit of time to become best buddies.

Have a great time! :wave:
Great pic of them together! Cant wait to see more :D
me too!!! they looked like they had a great time!!
Awww, they look so cute together! They look the same size. I love them!!! :D
That's great that you guys met up!! They look like perfect playmates!
awww they look great together !! i bet they had a wonderfull time!!

kisses nat
How lucky are you to have a mini chi meetup? The more chi's around me the bigger my smile gets. I can't wait to see more photos of this meeting.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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