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Zola met his bro

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Zola just met his bro (his first chi friend) His bro is only like 4 pounds full grown and he is only 2 pounds at the mo. Zola would just bark at bounce towards them then they finally got close and would paw at each other and bark. I don't think they liked each other that much. Well not really so much that is they just wen't sure. As soon as Zola grows up a little I;m sure they'll become proper bro friends :lol:

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awww thats so sweet you will have to get a pic of them :wave:
the more they see each other the better chance they will ahe of getting to know each other and liking each other :wave: i want a pic of the next meeting ;)
That's neat that they got to meet. It sounds to me like they were trying to play with each other. :)
jacob has met his bro a few times at dog shows he doesnt seem to get on to well with him jake wants to be friends and his bro just wants to fight poor jacob must be a male territory thing or something
Yeah. I think they did wanna play but were just to scared and defencive to know what to do. Maybe next time. They will see each other now and then

The only other thing I could not believe is last time I saw Zola's bro he was pure honey coloured and now hes grow he is like a real red colour. Still sooo cute

How cool 8)
I wish my two could do that!
AHH thats great! did he like it and remember him? :)
That's really nice that they got to meet... Gadget met his bro and he was the same way... like he didn't want anything to do with him...

Gadget is getting to really like his mom and dad tho... when we were at the bbq last week they were alll there and they played and had a good time...

The more they see eachother the more they will like eachother..
KJsChihuahuas in answer to your question they hd never met before. Becuz Milo )zola's bro) was from he first litter and zola was from the second with same parents :wave:

I didnt get any pics this time because they werent close enough and happy enough together. Will see how it goes next time and hopefully get lots of pics to make up for it :)

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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