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Zola -You can't get any cuter

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me again with more zola pics. You can all see again how much he has changed and grown. Im so proud of my wee boy. He was far to skinny but I weighted him today and now hes a perfect 3lbs. yyeppeeee!! Im so happy he is so health and gorgous looking

This pic melts my heart

peek a boo

hope you enjoy these as much as I do :lol:
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I love seeing pictures of Zola. He's so cute! And he's grown so much! :D
Zola is just beautiful and handsome too! :wink: I just love his little bed! Wow, 3lbs he is growing like a weed! :)
he just gets cuter and cuter with every change!
Thank you all. Zola loves you all. Go to thats where I got his bed, theres also a black one with lepard print which is cool to. Its a US site but they ship to the UK soooo yeppeee
Zola looks great and that bed would be a winner with my two, maybe when theres get old :wink:
Zola is beautiful. I love that bed.....gonna go check it out.
Zola is growing up so fast. What a cutie patootie.

what a change! he's boooutiful!!
Awww love the pics!!
Especially the first one, he looks so loving and happy!

3lbs is really healthy for his age, that's great he seems to have put on a bit more meat! :D
Zola sure is handsome! And I love his bed! I'm going to have to get one of those for Ritz!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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