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ZOLA'S coming home tomorrow

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Hey everyone
Just wanna say once again. I'm taking Zola home tomorrow night. I'm picking him up after work at 6pm so should arrive home with him about 8 or 9 ish. yyyepppeeeee!!! I really really am so excited.

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post pics right away!
Aww that is so exciting, I'm really happy for you!
It doesn't seem that long ago that you only had a month to wait.

You're going to have such a great time all tomorrow, have a lovely day and put up lots of pics when you can :wave:
That's great! I am so happy for you - tomorrow will be a BIG day for you.

Look forward to seeing pix.
Yay!!! :wave: Tomorrow will be one of the best days of your life, for sure. Pics, lots and lots of pics please! :lol:
Oh I 'm so happy for you, tomorrow is going to be such a big day. I agree with everyone else, post lots and lots of pics as soon as you can.
that's wonderful news...don't forget to post pics :wink:

kisses nat
So excited for you Vicky , looking forward to hearing all
about your baby :) :)
I can bet you are totally excited I know I was when I was told I could go get Gadget and bring him home.. I couldn't walk the to spaces over fast enough..

good luck and god bless
Wow, that's soooo exciting!! Post lots of pics, okay?? :wave:
I got him home last night :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

He was such a bully to his only brother that was left. He jumping on him and biting him, he was so scared of Zola. He's totally nuts to. He's hyper all the time and i'm so happy to say whenever you feed him he eats it right up. the ony bad thing about that is he poos allot and they are sooo smell. I have him in his play pen at night right next to my bed so i can watch over him. He cries allot tho. like all the time but even when he seems to be happy to. i'm just so in love with him :lol:

will post pics soon, when he stays still enough foe me to get any, hes hyper

Thats great he is now home.What food does he eat, you might have to consider changing it.
He eats this pedigree dry fod. Its a new one for puppies that the breeder got for him. She says she was told it would be in shops from March by pedigree but no one could find it anywhere. So she phned them up and they said you can only get it in Acorn stores so I know where one is and ill buy some stuff from there. He really likes it. She says he'll eat tinned food to so I'm gonna try him out with that at tea time.

Aww shes curled up in a we ball on my feet just now :)

I just typed she..... silly me Zola is a he. haha

The breeder also gave me these knitted toys for him on strings. He just loves them. She was all sad having to say goodbye to him. She said if she new the litter was going to be that great she'd have kept them all. So shes gonna doanother litter with the same parents and keep every single one. She said she's never had such a unique mixed litter

Vicky , great to hear you have you little guy :) & he is wonderful :)
can't wait to see photos of him & hear all about him :):)

Which new pedigree dry food is it ? have you a name or list of ingredients ?
I'm sure he is perfect :) :) but his poo should not really smell to much , when my guy does a 'secret poo' ;) I never know as it doesn't smell at all ... ( untill I see or tred in it :shock: )
also his poo should always be solid , not squigy ( lol re that word can't think of any other LOL ) he has been wormed yes ?

I'm sure you are already in love with him , Chi's are just the best :):) &
I just know he will be your very best friend :)

Give him a little hug from me {{hugs}}

enjoy your weekend ( I KNOW you will )

Sara & "FizzyDave" xx
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i've noticed dogs on royal canin don't have stinky poopies...... nutro made chiwi's smell. now that i have her on royal canin i don't know when she does it until i look at the wee wee pad. and for a few days she was pooping behind the rocking chair and i didn't know until i was cleaning, there were like 5 poops back there :oops: now i have a wee wee pad there and i alsways look behind things lol.
I went to visit Vicky and Zola yesterday, Zola is absolutely gorgeous!!
He is so teeny and he has the most lovely soft ears and coat.
When he was playing with his toys he was bouncing around like a little bunny hehe. I was really nervous when I picked him up (first time to see a Chi up close) but he was so still and when he was looking up at me with his wee eyes I swear I could feel my heart melting lol.

You will love the pictures when they get put up, he really is adorable!
I'm even more excited about picking up Scarlett/Lexi in 3 weeks!

Thanks Vicky for inviting me round :wave:
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