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They still have some of those hoodies left for 5 dollars! i just got around to placing my order now. i placed it over the phone cause my computer is so slow... i just prefer to place it on the phone, and the woman tried to tell me they were 29.99 each and i said , no, it says on the computer they are 5 dollars, so she did an override and i got the sale price :) . they still have all sizes in Green and in Orange, in pink they just have XS , not sure about the blue . i got 6 of them
You are right - they do have some left! I just over looked them the first time. I ordered three of the fleece hoodies each for Taz and Charlie and a parka for Charlie. Taz has the Hip Doggie hoodie I just ordered so I didn't order her a parka. Seven pieces for $48.95! What a bargain!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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